“What I Have Done”- Wilderness House Literary Review. Issue 44 (Volume 11, No. 4).

“Inle Lake”- Canary Magazine. Issue Number 35, Winter 2016-17.

“After Shacharit”- Poetica Magazine: Contemporary Jewish Writing. Fall 2016. Print.

“Kingfisher”, “Storm in Sections”, “Bodyworkers”- Eastlit, October 2016 Issue. Online.

“Ashes”- Windfall Journal, Fall 2016 Issue, Print.

“Bad Phonecall”- Sweet Tree Review, Summer 2016 Issue, Online.

“Smoke”- Written River, Issue 10, 2016, Print.

“Fences”- Written River, Issue 10, 2016. Print.

“Before We Forget Ourselves”- Clackamas Literary Review, Volume XX, 2016. Print.

“The Familiar Day”- Portland Review, Volume 62.1, Winter 2016. Print.

“A Death Fox”-  Whitefish Review, Issue 17, June 2015. Print.

“Also the Sky”- Poetica Magazine: Contemporary Jewish Writing, Fall 2015. Print.

“Three Branches” and “Mt. Elinor”- Chrysalis: An exploration of dance, photography, and poetry, May 10-11, 2015. Spoken Word.


“Balance” -Photography, Camas Magazine: Nature of the West, Winter 2015 Issue. Print.

“Death Valley” –Photography, Camas Magazine: Nature in the West, May 2015. Print.

M.S. Thesis

The Ecology of Collaboration: building resilience through building relationships- Masters of Science in Environmental Studies, University of Montana, May 2015.



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