About Me


I was molded in Eugene, Oregon, nestled in the lush Willamette valley between the Cascades and the rugged coast.  For most of the last decade mountain running and wilderness has helped me cultivate new, deep roots in Missoula, Montana. I finished my first degree in the College of Forestry and Conservation and after taking some time to work and travel have recently completed a Master of Science in Environmental Studies.

We’re born places. Some folks remain there. Others are carried to new lands, dispersing like seeds to take roots in new landscapes.  Home is mobile, dynamic, and I think if you open yourself to the beauty of a place, you can make anywhere a home.

New currents are pulling me across the ocean, where I’ll be serving in the Peace Corps as a coastal resource management volunteer in the Philippines.  This site will hopefully hold heartfelt words, humor-filled stories, and other insights about finding home, here and there.



Peace Corps Disclaimer
The contents of this website are mine personally and do not reflect any position of the US government, the Philippines, or the Peace Corps.

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