Published: “Inle Lake” – Canary

Canary, published by Hip Pocket Press, calls itself a literary journal of the environmental crisis. It’s filled with the sadness, hope, frustration, and wonder of human experience in a time of species and habitat loss. How we explore our existence in this anthropocene, a proposed epoch dating from when humans began to significantly change the earth’s climate composition and geology, is up to us as both individuals and a society. Canary’s mission through this disaster; awareness, understanding, and enrichment.

I’m very excited to have my piece “Inle Lake” in Issue Number 35: Winter 2016-17, you can read following this link. “Inle Lake” was first jotted down during a journey through Southeast Asia in 2012-13, and it seems fitting that it’s published while I work with fisherfolk in the Philippines four years later.  The roots binding me to marginalized fisherfolk and fishing communities in Asia are older and deeper than I realized. It also brings back happy memories of adventure and friendship from my time traveling through Myanmar.


Fields near Kalaw, Myanmar


Fishing Community, Inle Lake


Fisherman, Inle Lake


Bagan, Myanmar

In regards to writing, this was an exciting year for me.  In 2015 I published my first two poems and faced many many many rejections. In 2016 a lot of new experiences were thrown into a pot and after some major brewing and stewing (sometimes well beyond the boiling point) I was able to publish 11 pieces in literary journals. Each piece is new territory for me, and I’m still trying to figure out how this recipe goes.  Going into the new year I’m excited to add more ingredients to the pot. And more fuel to cook things up.

brew on,



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