Published: “Bad Phonecall” – Sweet Tree Review

When I first came across Sweet Tree Review I was mainly excited because it’s an online publication. Previously I’d always been a huge fan of hard copy publications. There’s just something about holding the poetry in your hands, about seeing your name in print.  That mindset changed a bit since moving to the Philippines and not being about to get my hands on as many publications.  The online portal has become more of a lifeline to art, writing, creativity, and sanity.  And Sweet Tree Review is a free, online publication, OH MY GULAY!

I started reading  some words from the editors. Things that included “a sweet tree is everything you need it to be and nothing you expect it to be” and a request for submissions reading, “confront us. Endear us. Scare us. Sadden us. Show us things we don’t understand; things we didn’t know we wanted to understand.”  It seemed like a project I could get on board with.

You can read my piece, along with some other really nifty pieces from the Summer 2016 Issue here.

keep on writing,






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