Published: “Also the Sky” -Poetica Magazine

I’ve been in and out of internet service the last few months, but I was really excited to open my email the other week to see that my poem “Also the Sky” will be included in Poetica Magazine’s 2015 Fall Edition. It’ll be coming out later this October!

2015 Fall Edition Cover. Cover art by Ilse Kleyn

2015 Fall Edition Cover.
Cover art by Ilse Kleyn

Poetica publishes contemporary Jewish writing that has the “courage to acknowledge, challenge, and celebrate modern Jewish life, beyond distinctions of secular and sacred.”  I’m really proud of this piece, Judaism is supposed to be a constant “wrestling” match with God and/or the sacred, and I wrestled with this poem a long time before doing anything with it.  Professor Daniel Spencer’s graduate course, The Greening of Religion, helped tease some of these sacred feelings out, and this piece helped me to continue exploring the sacred in nature as well as my affinity for wilderness.

Still searching for my true voice, the right words, the people and things that inspire me. Still writing.  Now it’s mostly listening to rainstorms or ocean waves, but still writing.




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