Giggles and Gardens

Weed and trash removal

Weed and trash removal

digging with a bamboo stick

digging with a bamboo stick photo cred: Nico Anastacio

The CRM sector for Batch 274 is finishing up our last week in Morong, which has been our home-base for community-based training.  Recently each cluster in the CRM sector worked with their community to organize some sort of collaborative project. After a public form in the Municipal Hall last week, Poblacion community members decided that two different community garden plots would be a worthwhile and feasible project.IMG_8076 Two garden sites were chosen, one a container garden, one plot-garden located in a vacant space used for trash dumping and weed cultivation. IMG_8080



For folks familiar with the University of Montana Forum for Living with Appropriate Technology (or 1000 New Gardens) this was a simple “dig day” where we split into two groups: one group was mostly women from the municipal hall, and the other was primarily young kids from a local youth group.  Easy.  Now add in limited resources, bamboo-stick shovels, almost 90 degrees and 100% humidity, and then the fact that your communication in Tagalog.  Also add in more giggles and picture everyone digging in flip flops.

Making raised beds

making raised beds


photo cred: Nico Anastacio

With our amazing companions, mostly youth from Panibatuhan and Poblacion, we found ourselves perhaps physically weary of weeding, digging, or tilling, but energized by the process.  Rachel Carson wrote “those who dwell among the beauties and the mysteries of the earth are never alone or weary of life”.  Playful energy and enthusiasm dripped (often in the form of perspiration) off our group in a way that can only be brought out by working in the dirt with others.

putting seeds in the earth

putting seeds in the earth

Panibatuhan youth group members

Panibatuhan youth group members

post-dig day celebration

post-dig day celebration



dig on,



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