Leaving Here (America) and Heading There (the Philippines)

Peace Corps Packing List


Coastal Resource Management Volunteer


  • Backpacking Pack
  • Seal Line DryBag (L)
  • Chrome Messenger Pack (18L)
  • Sea to Summit Dry Bag (8L


  • DSLR camera (canon)
  • Acer Chromebook 13”
  • 2TB Hardrive
  • Kindle
  • waterproof watch
  • electronic razor
  • Ipod with music/photos
  • flash drives (2)


  • Jeans (2)
  • Work pants/Khakis (3)
  • Dress pants (1)
  • workshirts/button ups (5)
  • casual longsleeves/flannel (3)
  • t-shirts/undershirts (6)
  • underwear/boxers (12)
  • casual shorts (3)
  • athletic shorts/swimshorts (3)
  • running shorts (2)
  • dri-fit/capilene shirts (4)
  • Tank tops (2)
  • non-leather belt
  • lot-a-socks (10-12?)
  • rainjacket (1)
  • bandanas (2)
  • trusty hat (check)\
  • beanie (1)
  • Shoes
  • Chacos
  • Flip-flops
  • Runners
  • Dress shoes

Pasalubong (gifts for host families)

  • Bear-ology Playing Cards
  • Dream Catcher
  • Evening in Missoula Tea
  • Huckleberry Twist Candies
  • Huckleberry Coffee Candies
  • Postcards of Missoula (2)
  • Deschutes Brewery Hat

Other (necessities)

  • quick-dry towel
  • Jersey liner (travel sheet)
  • sunglasses (Smith)
  • Bucknife
  • multi-tool
  • batteries (AAA-headlamp)
  • 1 gallon travel ziplock bags
  • toothpaste (2)
  • toothbrush (2)
  • floss (2)
  • plug adapter
  • disposable razors
  • nail clippers
  • Nalgene (32oz)

Other (comfort items)

  • playing cards
  • Tagalog phrase book
  • deoderant (2)
  • assortment of pens
  • Moleskin notebook
  • Leg Roller
  • Chromebook padded case
  • Don Emilio Aguinaldo Y Famy “True Version of the Philippine Revolution”
  • Amphipod Handheld bottle (16oz)
  • Tiny plastic chickens to replace my FLAT flock (4)

This seemed like a lot of stuff. For folks that know me, or friends and family that have traveled with me (or for that matter met me while traveling) it’s probably no surprise that I came up well short of reaching 50lbs for my two checked bags and then filling up another (or two) bag(s) as a carry on.IMG_7605  All packed up, this is what my “burden” will be when I need to carry my stuff around. I think the backpacking pack, with mostly work and casual clothing, is around 25lbs and the larger dry bag is closer to 15lbs.  I am either very efficient or completely missing the boat with regards to what I’m supposed to have with me. Luckily (unluckily???), Filipinos enjoy their malls and shopping here for forgotten items won’t be a hassle.

The other PCV’s are also carrying their own baggage. A lot of it is material baggage, of course, but there’s also a substantial amount of personal, internal baggage that not everyone sees. Everyone is carrying their own loads just below the surface, and it’s only in supporting each other through awkward, fun, new, and embarrassing moments that we’re able to really hold it all together. 27 months is a long time. But we’re all here facing similar challenges.

For me, I’m ready to grab my metaphorical glass, raise it, and completely empty it out.  Then slowly and methodically, I’ll begin to fill it back up. Next stop, the Philippines!

A couple of things frequently found: new friends/ itineraries

A couple of things nowhere to be seen: sleep/ my long hair and beard

cheers from Tokyo,



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